Humane Mouse Traps 2 Pack - ROCKBIRDS High-Efficiency Mouse traps indoor, Catch & Release Reusable for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Safe for Kids and Pets (Large)
  • ★2021 Newest High-Efficiency Mouse Traps★: Upgraded mouse trap with front and rear doors, safe and environmental-friendly, rear-mounted bait box, hidden pedal, sensitivity accuracy comes to 0.01 pound. Ensure the mouse will 100% triggers the mechanism before they touch the food. Just need to put the bait in the bait box, and then you wait for the "surprise". A fully automated process, without manual adjustment.
  • ★Humane Design★: European architectural style humane mouse trap will not harm mice. There are 10 windows, ventilation, and sufficient sunlight. So you don't need to worry about mice being exposed to the sun or rain. The comfortable and clean environment gives mice a five-star "home".
  • ★Simple and Easy to Use★: Newest design concept, just push with your finger to complete the setting, without any danger, even the elderly and children can complete it easily and independently. Mice trap is easy to clean and can be reused.
  • ★Easy to Release★: Physical mouse capture, you don't need to touch mice or any drips from mouse, so there is no risk of disease, and it is very safe for children and pets. Easy to release, simply open the rear door and the mouse happliy moves to new home.
  • ★Warranty★: Any Artificial damage or mouse cause any damage to this product, we will provide one-year free replacement service. If there is smart mouse eats up the food without triggering the mechanism, you will obtain a set of the same product as a reward.
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